Lamb of God On Tour - (Glens Falls, NY)

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Date: November 15, 2012 - 20:00
Location: Glenn Falls, NY
Venue: Glens Falls Civic Center
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by REVERENDJET November 20, 2012 - 18:58

I'm gonna say this first...whoever was in charge of promotion of this concert failed. Jesus Christ, man...we had what, maybe 800 people there at the show?! Made me shake my head the entire time cuz each band played their heart out to such a crap showing.

That said, I can say that the energy from Sylosis was good but a little lacking. Maybe it was due to the poor showing of Upstate New York. Their music was clear and the mix was spot on. I had never heard of them before that night, and have since found a couple tracks of them.

Hatebreed. Well, what can I say. Hatebreed kicks ass. They came out and blew every one away with their power and energy. I've always enjoyed their music and Jamey and the boys did NOT disappoint.

InFlames. Again, I had heard of them but I had never listened to any of their music. I really enoyed it. Strong guitars and drums. Like Sylosis, I'm a fan now.

LoG - I grew up in Richmond, VA and lived around the Fan District on West Grace Street. I never saw them when they were Burn the Priest and I moved back to NY in 1998. When I became a fan back in '05, I was inspired by the work of Chris. Being a drummer myself, he totally blew me away. He didn't disappoint on 11/15 either. The entire band killed it. Even with such a pathetic showing, the band gave us everything they had. I was wondering, though what in the hell was going on toward the end of their set. Randy walked off stage a few times between songs, and I don't know if the locals were trying to shut the show down or what. It was around 11:05pm. They kept playing til around 11:30. From the opening notes until the fading ones, my ears rang in joy. I was psyched and pumped. Not bad for a 44 year old dude. I rode that high the entire next day.

Don't know if it took or not - but this was a 5/5 show mostly cuz every band that played kicked ass even though the turnout was piss poor.