Lamb Of God: Burn The Priest

Lamb Of God: Burn The Priest
CD - 1999 Legion
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Production notes:

Long before the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal” had been christened, Burn The Priest laid the foundation for what would prove to be the rebirth of metal. With their pummeling combination of grind, death and thrash, Burn The Priest devastated the uninitiated in warehouses and basements across America. Slowly and methodically pushing the threshold of sonic extremes, and building a dedicated following that would ultimately grow to change the face of the music industry, Burn The Priest paved the way for a new generation of metal. This is Lamb of God before there was Lamb of God. Remixed and remastered by metal guru Colin Richardson and with new liner notes by original producer Steve Austin.
Burn the Priest is Burn the Priest's first and only studio album, released in 1999 by Legion Records, before changing their name to Lamb of God. This was Abe Spear's final album on guitar.
On Mar 22, 2005, it was re-released by Epic Records. The album was remixed and remastered by Colin Richardson, it featured new liner notes by original producer Steve Austin (from heavy metal band, Today Is The Day).

All songs written by Lamb Of God
Sony/ATV Songs, LLC/Subtle Arts Of Publishing (BMI)
Produced and Mixed by Machine
Recorded November 10-14, 1998 at Austin enterprises in Clinton, Mass.
Engineered by Steve Austin.
Produced by Steve Austin and Chris Adler
Mastered at M WORKS by Steve Austin
All Music by BURN THE PRIEST except "Duane", by BURN THE PRIEST and Matt Conner
All Lyrics by R. Blythe except "Dimera", by R. Blythe and Judd Prather
Back up vocals on "Suffering Bastard" by Michael Brosan
Extra Vocals/Lyrics at the end of "Resurrection #9" by Steve Austin
Logo by Bob Gorman.
Artwork & Layout by K3n Adams.
Copyright 1999, BURN THE PRIEST

Burn the Priest would like to thank:

Mikey Brosan, K3n Adams, Steve Austin and everyone who has come out to see us, helped us out on the road, and supported us in any way.

Randy would like to thank:

My Family and Friends, Mikey, ZED, The other jerks in BTP (for the good and bad times), Relapse people, All the Freaks in Philly, Rich/Brutal Truth, Clay, Frank and my Chi-Town Posse, Summer Anne (Miss You...), Nawlins Peeps - Alex & Jess, Eye Hate God (R.I.P.), Micah (and anyone else who has been stupid enough to get in the van with us), Ted & Ed (for the whiskey and crib), Carmen Vasquez (for typing and everything else), Braun/Today is the Day (Shut Up Little Man!), All the cool bands that have rocked with us, Black Label Beer and BushmillÌs Irish Whiskey, RVA, and anyone kind/idiotic enough to let me drink their beer, eat their food, crash at their crib, and generally be a nuisance. CHEERS!!!
John would like to thank:

would like to thank: All y'all motherfuckers!
Abe would like to thank

Sherry G., Mike and Toby, Dez, Goatfish sandwiches, Vanman, JasonÌs Black Hairy Tongue, Micah for the pain and suffering he endured on tour, & Ro.
Mark would like to thank:

George Thorogood
Chris would like to thank:

Julie Cyr for her support, inspiration, passion and faith; Mikey for believing in us from the start; Baxter and Chip for their tireless friendship; Mark, Abe, Randy and most importantly John for bringing me along for the ride; My family, especially my brother Will for all they have done over the years; Dave and John at Boykins for the hook-up; Mike & Tracy, Noal, Sue, Ian, Metal, Arn, Smoot, Buffy, Skaritza, Partin, Miley, Marty & Kelly, Mike Conway, Billy Williams, Willie Gerbich and everyone else who have helped, supported and guided. Thank you.
Band Contact:

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K3n Adams
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1. Bloodletting
2. Dimera
3. Ressurection #9
4. Goatfish
5. Salvation
6. Lies of Autumn
7. Chronic Auditory Hallucination
8. Suffering Bastard
9. Buckeye
10. Lame
11. Preaching to the Converted
12. Departure Hymn
13. Duane

Reviews for this Album

by CHRISTOPHERPSAL... June 3, 2011 - 19:33

Wow, to believe there is only 3 reviews... I can't write much at this time for I have a powerpoint on the music of Lamb of God, but I
will be reviewing with upmost sincerity soon ( I hope). I hate this world.

-chris fernandez

by BRANDON October 15, 2010 - 05:33

I like the album in general its real raw, hardcore, & heavy. bloodletting, dimera, & Chronic Auditory Hallucination are infuential to metal. I don't listen to it much, but it's worth owning & listening to.

by MYNAMEISCOLEB May 31, 2010 - 16:34

Great album, I first starting listening to Lamb of God when I heard Bloodletting on the Killadelphia CD

by BC_BLADE May 30, 2010 - 08:06