Lamb Of God: New American Gospel

Lamb Of God: New American Gospel
CD - 2000 Prosthetic Records
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Production notes:

Revolver – one of the ’69 Greatest Heavy metal Albums of All Time” (September / October 2002). CMJ (10/16/00, p35) – “…Leaning towards the dark side…this is grindcore and death metal for the hardcore kids…” NME (10/28/00, p 40) – 8 out of 10 – “…Harks back to the days when Slayer ruled the kingdom of metal with speedy riffs and nihilism…the sound is ferocious…”

All compositions and arrangements by lamb of god.
Recorded April 15-22 2000 at Austin Enterprises, Clinton MA
Engineered by Steve Austin
Analog editing by Steve Austin and Chris Adler
Produced and Mixed by Steve Austin,
Chris Adler and lamb of god.
Mastered at MWorks in Cambridge, MA
Digital Editing and Mastering by
Steve Austin and Dave Murello
Lamb of God legal representative:
Colin Hite
Sands Anderson Marks & Miller ï Richmond, VA
Lyrics written by D.Randall Blythe except:
Confessional by Duane and D.Randall Blythe; co-written in the Ass Lounge, Spring 2000
Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard by Steve Austin and D. Randall Blythe
Lyrics arranged by D. Randall Blythe and Chris Adler
Additional vocals on Terror and Hubris by Steve Austin
Steve Austin appears courtesy of Steve Austin and Relapse Records

Duane would like to thank:
The Morton family for soul, God for lights and voices, the 2829 W. Grace family for foundation, Willie for riffs, Campbell for dedication, Randy for creativity, Adler for virtuosity, Steve Austin for blood, Abe Spear for rock, K3n Adams for being down, John Peters for brotherhood, Tracey Batts for attitude, Corntooth for roots, Mikey Brosnan for Burn the Priest, Elisa Nader and Chris Gallo for Lamb of God, Sliang Laos and Breadwinner for inspiration, W.J. Clark and Sons for sustenance and the Richmond music community for support and collective genius.

John would like to thank:
The other four fools in this band, Steve Austin & family, K3n, Ian, Mikey, all my brothers & sisters and especially all the suckin 'big' metal bands that leave a hole for us to fill. Satan and I love you all.

D. Randall would like to thank:
My family (Blythe's, Smith's, Cobb's and all the rest) for love, guidance, and wisdom- I know ya'll don't understand this stuff- it's ok, no I don't worship the devil. My newest family members- Sue, Jerry, Stormy, the twins- for being my West Coast kin folks, and especially Carly Petrie for being my first kid sister and crying through my whole wedding and giving me the opportunity to maybe one day scare the living hell out of one of your boyfriends like I have always wanted to do with a kid sister. Marshawn: for general creepin' and chillin' in the Ass Lounge; Pinky: for being an efficient neurotic mess and steering this great ship, hell someone's got to be the designated driver; Bubbles: for never ending cynicism and sexual innuendo, you will owe me $100; Yellow Pelican: for taking me to Egypt straight retard style and injecting some much needed dumb young blood into this piece, you crack me up- one day I will kill you all. Steve Austin- for rock above and beyond the call of duty; you are a soldier. W.J. Clark and Sons- for a trade, paychecks, humor, and an aching back. Alex Podesta, Clay Blancett, John Murden, Scott Leta, Sean Bilby- you are my brothers. Michael Brosnan- for never ending support and friendship, you are my bro. The bands that are for real and know- you get me through the day. Anyone who has helped us out. You. Abe Spear- for brotherhood and rocking during your tour of duty, and getting me into this mess in the first place. My wife- Summer Anne Blythe-for putting up with me, being the most beautiful woman in the world, partnership, and starting our own family with me- I love you, honey.

Will would like to thank:
My family, my folks and especially my brother Chris for putting up with my shit and still wanting to play music together. Mark, John, Randy - I love you all and wouldnÌt want to be doing this with anyone else. Mike Conway, Willie Gerbich, Ernie Johnson and whoever else had an impact on my music. Steve Austin, what can I say, youÌve achieved the ultimate brutality with this rock and I love you for it. To whomever else I may have left out, IÌll thank you when I see you.

Chris would like to thank:
Julie Cyr for keeping me sane and believing in me through it all, Steve Austin (and family) for dedication above and beyond, E.J. and Dan at Prosthetic, Mikey and Leslie at ~Legion~ Records, K3n for the twisted visions and perseverance, and specifically Jimmy Stewart for making good things happen, Ian Whalen for the contributions and the good ear, John Murden for the web-sickness, Abe Spear for the memorable years of disaster and the great shots, Dave at Boykins, Steve Joh, Dave at MWorks, Rico, Metal Mike, Arn and Skaritza, David Owen, Mark Smoot, Noal and Mike, Baxter, James "Skinhead McGregor" Adler, Anti5, Fathed, Broccoli, Loudnet Rob, John and Vinnen (Flatstick), Rich Hoak, Kpants and Yoshi, Larkin, all of the supportive publications and other media, the benevolent and protective brotherhood of Lamb of God and the special people surrounding us all, my family and all of our friends that unselfishly and continually believe and contribute. We will see you soon...

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Reviews for this Album

by TEB98BEAVER February 15, 2012 - 23:36

this is my favorite lamb of god album because it is just nothing but pure metal and i dont think it can get any better then this album but i especially like the song a warning because that song is nothing but kick-ass.

by GO FUCK YOURSELF May 8, 2011 - 18:52


by GO FUCK YOURSELF May 7, 2011 - 14:06

ok lamb of god have gone fore a hevear stile in this one lol i no hevear lool as if thay got hevear just shows haw awsom thay are

by ATOMICKRONIC420 December 26, 2010 - 03:06

My personal fav album! Brutal all the way thru, no bs just metal. Fuckin shit my pants first time i listened to it. Classic l.o.g.

should be #1 metal album of all time

by 11THHOUR32174 November 12, 2010 - 17:10

thats fuckin crazy that randy had two days to do vocals for this album

by BRANDON October 14, 2010 - 21:18

Like they say one of the Greatest Metal Records of all time. It truly is a Classic. The direction of the album is truly influential. It's rawness, dirt & filth is key. subtle arts is just a true genius intro for metal and guitar in general. Pariah, Terror & Hubris, & Black Label.

Will always be one of infuence to Me.

by THEARTOFRUIN September 8, 2010 - 19:08

oh god!
lyrics, vocals, drums, guitars and bass
worked to perfection.

by DUSTYMTLHD4LF86 July 29, 2010 - 17:15

this is by far my favorite lamb of god album the raw agression and energy in this record is second to none also the rhythm section is also hands down the best i have ever heard listen to the black dahlia for an example i love the songs everybody loves but i like the ones that know one rarely listens to like abscence of the sacred and like i said before the black dahlia and no i didnt forget to mention probably the heaviest song to come out of the new millineum BLACK LABEL still one of the sickest breakdowns in metal 5 out of 5

by MYNAMEISCOLEB May 31, 2010 - 16:30
by BC_BLADE May 30, 2010 - 08:07