Lamb Of God: Walk With Me In Hell

Lamb Of God: Walk With Me In Hell
DVD - 2008 Epic
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Production notes:

“Walk With Me In Hell” features all-access footage from the bus to the stage and everything in between, and like the band’s unrelenting music, never lets up. “Walk With Me In Hell” is a very proud moment for us as a band. It’s hard to comprehend the pain and glory when you’re in the middle of it, but looking back over the past two years we can begin to understand how huge this record and touring cycle was, “ says Adler. “It shows the blood shed and what it takes to not only hold our own, but succeed in the face of every obstacle in front of us. We have never offered less than our best, our fans expect and deserve it, and this DVD will serve as a landmark for all that follow.

Walk With Me in Hell takes you on the road with Lamb of God around the world in support of Sacrament. This feature film chronicles their incredible trek and, like the band's unrelenting music, never lets up. Featuring exclusive all access, uncensored footage from the bus to the stage and everything in-between. This 2 DVD set also includes a full performance from the Download Festival in front of 72,000 fans and some of the most brutal pits ever caught on video from around the world.

Documentary running time : 117 min.<br>
"The Making of SACRAMENT" Running time : 77 min.<br>
Total running time = 5 hours and 9 minutes.

All Songs written and performed by Lamb of God.
Copyright © 2008
Produced by LAMB OF GOD
Mixed by Josh Wibur at The Tank
Assisted by Paul Suarez
Publishers: State of the Art / Sony ATV Music (BMI)
Directed by Doug Spangenberg
and Produced by Space Monkey Studios

Lamb Of God thanks:
Larry Mazer, Jody Mazer, Scott Greer, Allison Hagendorf, Rob Stringer, Charlie Walk, Andy Gershon, Doug Spangenberg, Josh Wilbur, Ken Adams, Jeff Cohen, Maria Ferrero, Tim Borror, Ed Gold, Anderson Bradshaw, Vicky Edwards, Robbie Tassaro, Machine, Jesse Barnes, Brian Griffin, Craig 'Bozz' Porter, Mike Bowen, Larry Clubb, Willie Gee, Jay Chiari, Dennis Solomon, Dusty Simmons, Evie Carrano, Jim Feeney, Jeremy Skoorka, Greyum May, Hannah Raymond-Verbeuren, Jarred Gery, James Adler, Charney Marshall, Jason Watt, Nigel Melder, Richard Christy, Allana (NZ), Brian Posehn, Darren Sanders, Julie Adler, Brandy and Tres Adler, The Adler Zoo, Emily Cuison, Karrie Morton, The Morton Family, Cynthia Cole Blythe, Anna Priday, Doug Bear, Mellisa Grech and Rare Records, Ian Grady, Sam Dunn, Michael Sarna, Paul Booth, Tamra Feldman, John Murden, Katie Bergamo, Jody Gadowski, Mike Martire, Steve Fenner, Frank Warren, Chris Johnson, Nick Bowcott, Alan Rebhun, Katie Siegel, Lisa Bartelli, Chelsea Kolakowski, Nora Schlesinger, Tracy Stone, Ted Mattes, Tom Bennett, Felix Sebacious, Jeremy Hewitt, Paul Cole, Cat Berling, Billy Flynn, Dave Basone, Gene Pelc, Brian McDonald, Jason Ferrell, John Walker, Tien Lawrence, Kellie Stoelting, Dave Cowles, Scott Uchida, John Ferrante, Bryan Biggerstaff, Ronnie Blankenship, Shawn Barusch, Dr. Buzz, Our families and friends who support and put up with us, RVA.
Tim Mckee and Mesa/Boogie
Allen Steelgrave, Mark Mah and ESP Guitars
Evan Skopp and Seymour Duncan
Mark Menghi, Brian Dougherty and Samson Electronics
Joe Hibbs, Miles Chen and Mapex Drums
Chris Brewer, Norbert Saemann, Udo Huebeck and Meinl Cymbals
Kevin Radomski and Pro-Mark Sticks
Chris Brady and Aquarian Heads
Kim Graham and Gibraltar Hardware
Lorrie Landry and Pintech Drums
Karen and Axis Pedals
Brad and Toontrack Music
Brian McDonald and Jackson Guitars
David Lienhardt and Dean Markley Strings
Tyne Rogers and Tech 21
Bert Lecato and Intune Guitar Picks
Brian Lemaster and dboy-Designs
Jimmy Astleford, Sean Rogers and DC Shoes
Tom Atencio and Affliction Clothing
Miguel and Sound of Music Studios, Richmond VA
Scott Ferrara (EMG)
Steve Blucher (Dimarzio)
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Disc 1

1. Setup To Fail" (The Unholy Alliance)
2. Playing the Game (Sacrament Release Day)
3. The Be All, End All (Megadeth Tour)
4. A One Eighty Shift (Japan)
5. Speed Boats and Koalas (Australia)
6. It's a Travesty (The Unholy Alliance Europe)
7. Summon the Devil (Conan & The Grammies)
8. Better then Nascar (U.S. Headline Tour)
9. They Got A Bar Here? (Return to Australia)
10. As Foreign As It Gets (Return to Japan)
11. Payoff (European Festivals)
12. Big Shoes to Fill (Ozzfest)
13. Crickets (Heaven and Hell UK)
14. Time Served (Arena Headline Tour)

Disc 2

1. Laid to Rest
2. Again We Rise
3. Walk With Me In Hell
4. Pathetic
5. Now You've Got Something to Die For
6. Blacken the Cursed Sun
7. Redneck
8. Black Label
9. Deleted Scenes - Japan
10. Deleted Scenes - Australia
11. Deleted Scenes - United States
12. Deleted Scenes - Europe
13. Redneck Music Video
14. Behind the scenes of the "Redneck" music video shoot.

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by LOGCOURNEPHATY October 9, 2012 - 17:59

like it love too strong a word nothing is gay here thank godzzz of lamb setersss

by BIGRED1BRAVO July 3, 2010 - 01:49
by BIGRED1BRAVO July 3, 2010 - 01:48

randy bro who the hell walks around with a machete in there pockett ? random randyness....and how did you get a wip past customs ?? you guys a killer it would be cool to chill with yall on the bus and just kick it