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An award winning film production company from the US will go on the road with Lamb of God for their 2012 world tour, and we are searching for fans around the world with the most compelling stories.

"In a turbulent world, music brings us together" is the film's message, so we want to interview a metal fan with a very stressful career. For example, someone who works in the military, someone working to fight drug trafficking or someone working a few jobs in order to support his or her family. We're looking for male and female metal heads from any age.

If you listen to heavy metal music to escape from your stressful life, then we're interested in hearing from you! You don't have to be Lamb of God's "biggest" fan, but you should have a very inspiring life.

**If necessary, we can disguise this person's identity for security or privacy purposes**

We’ll visit:
Bogota April 7,
Caracas April 8,
Mexico City April 10
Bangalore May 26,
Tel Aviv May 30,
and the USA in August 2012

Please email me as soon as possible at for more information. Thanks!

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