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Lamb of God Celebrates Five Years ...

Lamb of God's Congregation is now in its fifth year! In honor of this five year anniversary, YOU now have the option of two types of membership packages. The NEW Congregation membership package now includes not only the anticipated new shirt and patch designs, as well as all the same great perks as the LAST five years, but also the limited time offer to include a personally autographed “Hourglass” sticker! (hurry while supplies last - no stamps here, guys!). Your gifts, free, with membership purchase!

Registration is EASY! To register, find out more about membership perks, and see our other shirt/patch designs, please visit The Congregation site at the below address:

Come see what thousands of metal fans are talking about...

Since it’s first year, the Congregation has provided some very lucky winners with some amazing prizes and gifts! What better way to say thanks to their loyal fans?

One winner was chosen to represent The Congregation at the DVD premiere in Illinois. They also received a prize pack and an autographed cymbal (used in the pre-production recording of Sacrament).

Two winners attended the NYC DVD premiere of Walk with Me in Hell as LoG’s guests.

TWENTY winners got to attend the Metal Hammer Golden God awards show as Lamb of God guests. That’s right they gave away ALL their tickets to you guys!

Some Congregation members even get to participate in sound check with the band and have appeared in their DVD!

The Congregation has given away MORE than the following prizes:

1 autographed ESP guitar
1 autographed Jackson guitar
1 autographed Jackson bass guitar
1 Meinl Pure American Metal Ride Cymbal
350 meet and greets
17 signed posters
100 free concert tickets
30 autographed CD inserts
9 packs of signed guitar strings
10 pairs of used drumsticks
20 8x10 signed glossies
10 signed CD samplers
3 baseball caps
30 tee-shirts
2 signed guitar posters
10 signed drumheads
5 signed cymbals
1 signed guitar pedal
1 signed comic book
2 sets of 3 guitar picks
8 wrist bands
3 autographed vinyl albums
1 ProMark pack
5 USBs with a sneak peak of an unreleased song

What more could you ask for? All just for the price of a regular old tee-shirt

Lamb of God thanks you for your continued support!


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by GOTAWEB January 19, 2011 - 19:18

Come on Lamb Of God!!!!!!!! we have a stage all warmed up for you in the Toyota center. down in houston texas.

by WES77 January 18, 2011 - 22:54

Hell if everybody is asking its time for LOG to hit close to the Eastern Shore of MD. What the hell I don't care I'll drive my ass over to your home town of Richmond to catch a show. Im lucky enough to live close, it wouldn't be but a 3 hour drive there...

by AUTRANNETO January 18, 2011 - 22:28

man we're waiting for you in Brazil-Recife!!!!!

by GOTH_666 January 18, 2011 - 03:28

Man....!!!! Y not Pakistan???? We're waiting for you guys....!!!!!!

by R3D671 January 3, 2011 - 05:18

Lamb Of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COME TO GUAM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!