Re: Sacrament

by CAIRNS June 4, 2010 - 05:08

I actually just picked up this album a couple days ago. I have to say (*cough*... 4 years late), an excellent cd. Though I've seen some say it was a very polished album, to me it still came across as raw like a punch to the face. I picked it up at HMV and decided to go on one of my usual back road stress relief drives. I work in the armoured truck industry, so I get to deal with that pinnacle of the 99% waste of humanity, hell, I work for them. I listened to the album so much, I had been on the road 5 hours and a tank and a half lighter. The riffs on track 7, Blacken The Cursed Sun, put chills down the spine. I also have Wrath (which got me into listening to you guys), which is simply put "an F'ing badass, beautifully written album". I think what sets you guys apart from the rest is your honesty in lyrics and self, a no compromise stance, which seems to be a rarity these days. Most bands are seemingly going commercial for the money, and their in your face attitude a more shock and awe show. Lamb of God seems to put you in a head lock, jamming a fat needle full of wicked lyrics and riffs into your forehead, and drumming that makes you want to pound along until you smash your steering wheel. Awesome job guys. I haven't checked tour dates, but I sure as hell hope you come to Toronto.