Re: Wrath

by SACREMENT999 June 19, 2010 - 04:44 expectations were high for this album as it was the first new release since i became a fan.
The best way to describe it is ook for me. It has all the right ingrediants but its just not as memorable as the other albums.
I don't for instance like the new epiccy feel with the passing and at the end of the album. Of course they have used soundbites on other albums but here it just doesn't really do anything for me on this album....
Contractor and set to fail are the highlights for me, contractor being the feral beast of a song(possibly due to its subject matter - the companies making cash off of wars!).
Set to fail is this albums redneck, catchy but no less angry. An anthem if you will.
I do like the artwork, it seems more brazenly against organised religion with the whole plague motif going on(maybe implying that the band/songs represent the plagues, the 'bad' stuff in life(but in no way bad to the fans))
but for all my criticisms it is still a Lamb Of God album which immediately puts it ahead of the competition.
Heres hoping the next album will be more brutal...