Re: Ashes Of The Wake

by SACREMENT999 June 19, 2010 - 05:45

Without a shadow of doubt this is their best album for me!
It combines the brutal delivery of the earlier material and the catchy, singable nature of the newer material!
Songs like laid to rest, omerta, now you've got something to die for and my favourite track hourglass are just so distinctive to this album.
Laid to rest was the first lamb of god song i ever heard and it left a mark as something i hadn't heard before, something angrier and yet more controlled than death metal, brutal but effective!
I have the album title tattooed on my arm, representing my fave album and also how hearing them at download changed my life, but it had to be something different to what everyone else has.
Also Ashes has the best album artwork ever! the colours, beautifal, the actual scene being portrayed frighteningly telling of the times we live in!
one of the best albums of all time!