Re: May The Best Comment Win!

by D3MON616 July 2, 2010 - 15:04

I don't care if I win or lose I justed wanted to let everyone know that i have loved lamb of god since i was 9 that was 3 years ago and now I love them even more, i can really apreciate how awesome the drumming is the guitar playing is beatiful and the singing is so hardcore every time i listen to any songs i just wish that i could be so awesome. lamb of god have done great things with music and has made metal that bit better people that enjoy metal are moaned at where i live they always sterio type it saying it's just screaming they don't apreciate that metal is so hard and fast paced they are all lieke oh i love chris brown even though he beat up his wife. there songs are all about love but metal has so much meaning behins it and it's bands like lamb of god that make you realise that so i don't hide that i enjoy metal and listening to it i let people know how awesome i think it is and if they don't like it they can fuck off because metal is the best thing that ever happened i want to say thank you lam of god for helping me realise that r&b and all that popular crap is a lod of shit and that metal is the way to go because it has so much meaning