Re: Wrath

by DECEMBERADDICT October 4, 2010 - 18:53

I honestly didn't know what to expect from this band when I bought wrath, but a smile came on my face when I listened to The Passing. The musical talent in this band is a huge reason I listen to them, besides other obvious reasons. But Wrath delivers a picture I think they dabbled on abit in the Sacrament which was the first album I ever listened to. The album, as a whole mocks the annoying emo-metal-ass-mites with colon cancer angst witch dicks to provide nothing but c***s in their ass that makes the majority of them [Slur Deleted]s.... but lamb of god. serves it correctly when I listen to Set to Fail, Broken hands, Dead seeds, Contrator, and Choke Sermon. And randy is a fuckin' beast! and he doesn't fuck around with whiney sing alongs, he belts his shit! still to this day. This is an awesome album track per track. Keep it going guys! LOG is still insane, and american fuckin metal at best!