Re: Wrath

by MISTERFLIPPERMD August 8, 2011 - 21:20

Wrath is classic Lamb Of God. Sick guitar parts consisting with the heaviest tone imaginable, but keeping a constant melodic through the entire album. The three notes at the beginning of Dead Seeds were enough to make my heart stop, awaiting for the punch in the face the song had to offer. Everything To Nothing, while being one of the fastest and most energetic songs, also displays a moral side unlike any other. In Your Words proves Randy as more than a singer during the chorus, matching his voice perfectly with the riffs Mark and Willie were able to spit out on the album. Contractor has a feel like no other and definitely makes me want to get up and run around more than any other with it's extremely fast pase leading into to none other than one of Mark and Willie's destructive riff accompanied by Chris Adler's ability to make a riff at any tempo feel just as strong as the next. John Campbell was able to create the greatest gateway into one of the most destructive and all around heavy riffs. Set To Fail was simply astonishing. Whether focused on the blast beats beating faster than my heart wish it could or the sick accents Mark and Willie were able to add to all of their riffs, the song is simply made to please. Randy constantly breaks the stereotype of a metal vocalist by making the most brutal, and melodic vocal parts, which manage to fit along perfectly with sick guitar shredding and drumming that surpasses all others. Mark and Willie have taken an extra step away from generic guitar parts with more distortion than talent, adding acoustic/clean introductions in Grace, The Passing, and Reclamation. I don't think i've ever wanted to punch the person next to me because of an acoustic guitar part before. Chris Adler proves himself once again as he creates drum parts and fills that never overlapped through keeping his strange-meter of drumming and consistently keeps it as brutal as possible. This album is an easy 5 stars and easily succeeds at proving that Lamb Of God will only grow strong with time and develop further into the melodic and musical field that they have thrown themselves into and will surely only raise the bar. Thanks to Wrath my Itunes playlist has over 700 plays of Lamb of God and was easily the best 46 hours of my life.