Re: Sacrament

by MISTERFLIPPERMD August 9, 2011 - 00:19

This album is simply FILLED with originality. The kind of songs you'll be singing to yourself, not knowing the words, and know exactly what song it is because this album seems as if it was produced very carefully to not overlap with previous or current work. Whether it's the subtle beginning to Again We Rise or the jaw dropping punch in the face known as Walk with Me In Hell, the tracks on this album KILL. No song has quite made me feel like jumping up like Pathetic, and no song has ever had has such a soothing odd-meter while maintaining all forms of brutality quite like Descending. I think Foot to the Throat and Beating on Deaths Door were the two songs on this album resembling the speed and power of Contractor from Wrath and was most likely a root leading to that kind of power. I found Requiem to have the most rhythmically astonishing introduction off of this album, and I find the real power of Lamb of God in this album come to the fact that you can't understand what or how they have a mindset is playing riffs only capable of geniuses. I find instead we just have to accept that the song is there, and whether we can comprehend it, its meaning, and everything it represents, my heart will always beat significantly faster every time I feel the Chris Adler's bass drum along with John Campbell's Bass kicking my ass, Mark and Willie's guitar's punching me in the face, or Randy's lyrics and tone looking me dead in the eye and showing me something I can't even understand. This album is far from simple and will leave you speechless the second you sit down and actually try to grasp it.