Re: The Congregation Turns SIX!

by GAGA77 October 4, 2011 - 04:51

Watch alternative uses:
Measuring speed
Most of the tables outside of the circle a circle marked on the scale in English: TACHYMETER, so the above is usually marked with 500,400,350 in turn reduce the number of representatives <b><a href=>Swiss Replica Watches</a></b> of the bezel is a "side speed detector," used to measure speed. The numbers on the bezel speed. When on the highway, the distance instructions encountered in the root pole at the first time by the press, when faced with the instructions from the pole when the second root, just 1 km, then press again to a large second hand at the moment within the meaning of figure is the average speed of one kilometer before. But we know that speed was less than 60 km / h when the speedometer can not be measured.
In addition to speed can also be used in many other cases, such as folding a paper crane to calculate the time 45 seconds, the corresponding figures are 80 outer ring, it means that at this speed, an hour to complete 80 paper cranes.

Help you find the North
With the current time divided by 2, resulting in the dial to find the quotient, then the number on the dial <b><a href=>Replica Swiss Watches</a></b> at the sun, look at the 12 o'clock under the direction is north. Note, however, if the afternoon, according to a 24-hour timing method.

Measuring whether fever
If you want <b><a href=>Breitling Watches</a></b> to measure body temperature, and then hand there is no thermometer, stopwatch can help you. Person's normal body temperature is 36.8 to 37 degrees, the pulse is 76 beats per minute, when you use code table measured pulse 100 per minute, 120 times, the body temperature was 37.5 to 38 degrees, if the pulse per minute 120 to 140 times, the temperature is <b><a href=>replica Breitling Watches</a></b> above 38 degrees (except cardiac sinus tachycardia).

Rangefinder Chronograph
The market to sell most of the chronograph with tachometer outer ring, ranging outer rare. The ORIS design concise and elegant, with large 43mm bezel, black guilloche dial decorated with a white <b><a href=>Breitling Watches replica</a></b> number, scale and paint quality indicators. Dark brown calfskin strap with eye-catching decorative seams, inspired by the pilot's uniform style. Through the table behind the see-through window, visible symbol of ORIS high precision mechanical movement of red rotor.