Re: Wrath

by BOBZO13 December 9, 2011 - 04:07

Wow. Amazing album. From Blythe's maturing vocals to Chris' experimentation with blast beats, this album is fucking amazing. Set to Fail is beautiful to say the least. From the flawless drum tracks to the brilliant Morton/Willie Adler guitar combination, it is epic. My favourite song from the album is probably Fake Messiah or Grace. Both being just as brilliant as each other. Thank you, Lamb Of God, for staying true and not selling the fuck out.

I can not wait for Resolution next year. Supposedly Randy says it will be the best yet, which, being the lead singer, he would have to say, but I believe that they have had long enough to put together a brilliant, flawless album of EPICNESS!!!

But all in all, Wrath is beautiful. I hope Resolution can live up to Lamb of God's name.