Re: Lamb of God is Taking Submissions!

by NICK'S.BRUTALITY December 10, 2011 - 00:47

Okay so I already wrote yall a letter. But I was drinking at the time and I seriously want to make sure my submission is entered. I'm sober this time writing this. Anyway I'm john muhlhauser, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I never knew about metal until I heard about you guys from my best freind Gage Miller. I had just started playing guitar because it helped me get by without getting fucked up all the time honestly. Hearing your band completley influenced my interest in metal.Chris Adler is my favorite drummer any day of the week! How the fuck is that drumming possible? Drummers hardly ever want to start a band when the covers I put out are all from Chris. John, Mark and Willie tear that shit up from breakdowns to solos to a fucking chorus. Obviously being a guitar player I immediatley started learning your music. Hourglass, 11th hour, Omerta, Now you've got something to die for, Laid to rest etc... Even when all I can play is my acoustic I have to shred lamb of god. My favorite song is definitley redneck. Learning those songs and playing along with your tracks made me who I am. I would be in jail or dead if I hadn't started playing metal. Seems a little rediculous but soo true. I've always been a laid back person who is kind of a push over. But thats because I believe this life dictates alot more than anyone could ever know. So instead of kicking my brothers nose in or robbing a bank when I'm homeless I find the nearest guitar and play the heaviest good metal I know "Lamb of God"! These past few years have been very rough, so even if you don't pick me to be in your video I just want to thank yall for doing what you love! my email is <a href=""></a>