Re: Sacrament

by IZRAADOR February 10, 2012 - 17:29

My favorite LoG album, but I don't have the new one.

Walk with Me in Hell: 5/5. Good strong opening. A solo to be the best of all solos
Again We Will Rise: 5/5 Another solid song, full epicness all the way through
Redneck: 11/5. One of the best songs ever written
Pathetic: 4/5. Not my favorite, but I love the intro
Foot to the Throat: 3/5 I don't really like this one
Descending: 5/5. This is a really powerful song
Blacken the Cursed Sun: 5/5. One of the best on the album. Amazing intro
Forgotten: 4/5. Only problem is it's too short
Requiem: 1/5. The only one I downright dislike
More Time to Kill: 6/5. F*cking bad@ss. I love Randy's voice when he does three or four growls, there's silence, then "god DAMN!!!"
Beating on Death's Door: 5/5. Pure awesomeness