Re: Resolution

by PURERIFF April 25, 2012 - 11:08

I really love log, they are still my favourite band, however i thik they took a dip after ashes, sacrament and wrath were good, I just feel there seems to be less dissonance in the music these days when compared to the early stuff, it all seems more melodic and does not capture the aggression of the earlier albums, I also seem to think the vocals are taking over, I enjoyed huge chunks of metal without vocals but now there are vocals all the way through, and the volume seems to be above the riffs Sad. I wish the riffs would take up more of the mix. Drums are still as spot on as ever lol, devastating to say the least. In all a good album and far better than anything I could put together, for some reason tho I find myself wanting another ashes/ palaces but I don’t think I am gonna get it.
Still the best thing in metal i have ever heard lol, king of kings Smile