Re: Official Statement from LAMB OF GOD Regarding Randy Blythe

by JASONINRENONV July 7, 2012 - 20:24

What makes this case so disturbing to me on a personal level is that I know for a fact that Randy would never attempt to injure a fan in any way. In the past I've visited with Randy in Bangkok and in Tokyo. He's a great man and an amazing performer. Randy Blythe and all of the members of Lamb of God are the most kind and gentle souls in the heavy metal genre today. They always have time to stop for a chat, a photo, an autograph....they know that their success comes from THE FANS, and that to injure a fan would be to go against what the Lamb of God ethos is all about.

To my fellow Lamb of God Faithful: Please keep posting and speaking out about this case. We have to keep it in the press until he is cleared of all charges.