Re: Official Statement from LAMB OF GOD Regarding Randy Blythe

by KAANGHU July 11, 2012 - 02:14

So I truely believe Randy should be let out and left alone, but asking for money? when you're easily one of the biggest bands in the world? goddamn ridiculous if you ask me. PLUS i am trying to donate, i ordered $250 worth of Merch from your store over a month ago, was assured it would ship "on or before july 1" and yet NOT A DAMN THING has been shipped. it sucks to say I'm not going to be a fan for long when you can't even come through with t shirts when you're advertising them as available, yet begging for money. FREE RANDY

also, why the hell did you cancel your Anchorage, AK show? pretty much ruined my life, and i can only guess it was a monetary cancellation. so lame