Re: Official Statement from LAMB OF GOD Regarding Randy Blythe

by MWAY410 July 26, 2012 - 10:39

According to an article published by the Gauntlet on Wednesday, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe, who has been in a Czech prison for a month now, posted bail of U.S. $400,000, but has been denied release after the prosecutor in the case issued a challenge against it.

The Gauntlet explains the next step in the Czech legal process:

What happens now is that on Friday (July 27, 2012), the prosecutor will submit to the judge a reason for the bail denial. At that point, the judge has five days to rule, and another five days for it to be written or published to the court. The judges ruling at this point will be final and unless charges are formally filed, Randy will be free to leave the Czech Republic without condition on bail.

According to Martin Radvan, the band’s attorney in the Czech Republic, Blythe was expected to be released and allowed to leave the country on Wednesday. Radvan told Radio Prague last week:

We are now waiting for his release because the band has already collected the additional 200,000 dollars, and only due to long travel time between the Prague Municipal Court and the court for Prague 8, we are still waiting. Otherwise, he should have already been released.

Everything indicates that he will be allowed to travel home. But he will have to come back either for further investigation or the trial, and that’s what he wants to do. As a world-renowned artist, in a specific genre of music of course, he cannot afford to simply disappear. This is a wrong assumption by the Czech police and the Prague municipal prosecutor who still believe there is a possibility he will disappear and never show up again.

But there would be posters with his picture all around the world, and if he wants to continue performing, he will have to return. And he wants to return because he believes he is not guilty of anything he has been charged with.

Blythe is being held on charges of manslaughter due to an alleged incident at a Lamb of God performance in Prague in May 2010, when a fan named Daniel Nosek ran onto the stage and was allegedly assaulted by Blythe, which resulted in Nosek entering a coma and later dying from his injuries.

The fellow members of Lamb of God have maintained Blythe’s innocence, and many in the metal community have rallied in support of the vocalist. The feeling among many performers is that, since the onstage murder of guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott at a Damageplan performance in 2004, bands are more reluctant to allow fans on stage.

*-I saw read this last night and I figured everyone here should know. This has become a nightmare for Randy. Absoutly B.S. There's been a video released on the venue of question. And there's 3 seperate times you see someone jump on stage. The video doesn't show anyone hitting there head being thrown off the stage. The Czech prosecutor has nothing. There shouldn't be a challenge. I hope he gets out soon. I cant wait to see them again. L.O.G. #1-*