by MALIALUCKYSTAR July 27, 2012 - 23:40

White house petition for Randy please sign!!!!!!!

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I just can't believe this could be happening to Randy and you guys!! It is unreal they can just continue to hold him for a fan's accidental death its so unjust. Yes, Its sad someone died RIP, but how could anyone with any intelligence fault him for a fan who died at the concert breaking the rules by jumping on stage. It doesn't really matter if he got thrown of the stage by Randy himself or a body guard. It's a terrible sad accident and no ones fault. It's as if they are just looking for someone to punish or extort money from. I can't believe our authorities aren't forcing them to let him out either.
We are hard core bumming about the show being canceled for something so unjust , and for all of you and your families being affected like this..... I am despising the Prague GOVT right now.... Maybe Randy is writing a whole albums worth of lyrics out of this, but in jail it is very stressful when you don't know what's gonna happen it's hard to even eat, so who knows..

Stay Strong Randall Blythe and all ya'll............