by MALTHEIST August 11, 2012 - 20:46

Glad to hear Randy is free, what a ridiculous and unnecessary ordeal they have created for the band and it's fans. When you guys recover, please consider that a tour could gather funds for Randy's legal defence and successful counter-suit for malicious prosecution and lost revenue from the tour that had to be abandoned. You guys played in Toronto for $30/ ticket last time, that could easily be increased to $60-80 per ticket to help with the legal battle. Also...

In 2001, Pantera played Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON on June 25th, an amazing show on the Extreme Steel Tour. The only other Canadian show they played was in Vancouver on July 27th at Pacific Coliseum. In other words, they bypassed Toronto entirely. PLEASE LAMB OF GOD, have a coliseum show in Hamilton. It's a good crowd and everyone will come from Toronto and London anyway, You could honestly charge $59.99 a ticket and sell out the show twice over. The thing about Toronto is everything is too expensive and insanely liberal... They're also dumb and caused the death of a Radiohead tour tech a few months back... Half the people at those shows are given the tickets by some company like Bell, Rogers, or UPS, and aren't even fans. This tamed stupor of people filming with mobile phones takes over. Please consider it when you guys next come around, We're 35 miles east of Toronto.

Best Regards and Thank You for the Great Music.
hamilton, on