Re: LAMB OF GOD Announces Fall U.S. Tour

by DRAGGON82 November 1, 2012 - 10:06

I had tickets,to go see you,guys on,november 23 @ the oakdale theatre however my stupid bosses all 3 of,them wont let me go something about it being the day after black friday so now im out $166 and I really dont think its fair I gave them 2 months advance notice and they still wont let me gonot,too mention they threatned to fire me if I called out or came in late that night which again I dont find fair at all I was wondering I know its a long shot and you probably ever read this but maybe you,could help me come up with a solution to this problem I dont wanna give them away but am prepared to do so if I have tooit just,sucks big time that they dont wanna work with me or anything. Thank you for your time