Re: Show your girl you love her for her brain this Valentines Day!

by WTFGFYBBQ April 9, 2014 - 19:47

it's about that time again boys and girls. looking forward to the next album drop, where's it at gents? it appears you've been busy, with litigious concerns, movies, and what not, but as a semi-unempathetic(not a recognised word, but i like it) metal fan, i need my fix. or at least point me in the direction of something worthwhile whilst i wait. seems like everywhere i turn is more fucking trash... i heard a "country" song the other day that sounded more like hip hop and all i could do was i hope to see hank jr. jr. slapping the shit out of him on the news later. i now know that this new age club shit is called dub-step, i try to talk sense into my niece and nephews to no avail. I blame you, lamb of god, if i had a new album to immerse myself in, perhaps i wouldn't even register this shit when it came through the radio. just an idea... do a small venue tour, no more than 500 head per spot, with assjack and slayer. all three of you are fanfuckingtastic and vary greatly from one another and at a small down to earth venue, it would be so much more personal and fucking unreal. just thought i'd throw that out there in the off-chance you like that idea. if so, let me buy a ticket to a show near stinky lake utah. apologies for the unrelated side tangent to this forum. i just thought i'd look and see if you had a new album, found the site, joined, and felt the need to interject. thanks for your time and mostly thank you for some of the heaviest, most contextually gripping, and just plain brutal fucking music in the history of the earth.