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In a hope this reaches Randy

Hope your doing ok man! The Uk, and i'm sure the rest of the world, is thinking about you. I don't know a huge ammount about the situation but it all seems abit unfair. Wish I could give you some money towards legal expenses, not to make u sound like a charity case or anything. Just sucks man - you are such an inspiration to me in all kinds of ways, and I wish i could help you back as you have helped me. But all I can do is wish i suppose and attempt at reaching out to you - hopefully be heartlifting for you to get "fan mail", i dunno. Don't let the whole thing get you down though dude. Write another album like Palaces and Wrath (Didn't much like Resolution in comparison *cringe at telling u* sorry Laughing out loud). BUT Channel your emotions, like i do with Theatre, into your creative work. Let the world feel the thunder of Randy Blythe when you can perform again. Cause your lyrics and sound are incredible. I'm glad to hear your trying to put some lyrics together again. I'm waiting with my heart in my mouth to hear it. Peace dude. Trying not to sound like another bloody fan here. All the best to you and your loved ones!

Hope to see you in London some time!