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Lamb of God is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!

Chris Adler

I intend to look and be exactly the same as Chris Adler.

He's so talented and remains to be one of the best drummers who has ever lived.

That man;)


I wondered what you guys had been upto!! XD
I'm so excited about this album, i feel physically sick as everything you do is perfection to me!!!
Anyway, good luck topping Wrath guys! I have every faith in you that this will be amazing.
Be sure to come to London when the album is done. I havn't seen you for about 3 years, and that's just not good.
Just bought a LOG poster as well. Would you kindly produce some more designs, so i can buy them and show my affection. There is a TINY selection and you need more.
Favourite Band!!! I met you at sonisphere and have Chris's drumstick at home.. Most prized possesion.
Thanks guys in advance!!

Blown Away

Hey.... as a huge metal fan.. I am blown away by your heart pounding sound. It is so different than everything else I have heard in the last ten years. I bought Hourglass two weeks ago and I have been listening to it each day on my way to and from work.

I look forward to more music from you guys and hope that you come to the Philadelphia area soon.


Brazil!!!! I am Brazilian!!!!

come to Brazil soon!
waiting ...