Chris "are you 4 real??" Adler and Me!!!

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Chris "are you 4 real??" Adler and Me!!!

I think the most valuable thing about meeting Chris Adler was not the photo, neither the firm nor the stick.

It was the fact that someone so important and famous like him, still keeps enough humility to speak to a fan without barriers.

thereĀ“s probably thousands of fans that have had a word with lamb of god's guys, but Chris' charisma made that moment unique and unparalleled for me.

That is what makes lamb of god different and more valuable than any other metal band, besides their Kick-ass neck-breaking music!

That was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Thank you guys for being such an inspiration! thanks for comming I hope you come bac soon! Next time with Mark! (Congratulations to him for his newborn child! )