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  • by SACREMENT999 June 19, 2010 - 04:44 expectations were high for this album as it was the first new release since i became a fan.
    The best way to describe it is ook for me. It has all the right ingrediants but its just not as memorable as the other albums.
    I don't for instance like the new epiccy feel with the passing and at the end of the album. Of course they have used soundbites on other albums but here it just doesn't really do anything for me on this album....

  • the graves

    Ok so i watched the acting debut of D. Randall Blythe, the film 'THE GRAVES'..... To be honest it is shit, its like a bad tv movie! 90% of the violence happens out of shot so as to keep the sfx costs down, the dialogue is often hard to hear due to background noise. the plot is fairly unoriginal, the bits i felt were unique were not explained! The characters are shite and the setting is over-used.... But.....for the roughly 10 lines of dialogue Randy gets he is pretty evil! His long hair and natural awkward/disturbed look add gravitas to the character!

    So i saw Lamb Of God at download festival on saturday 12th june. It was absolutley amazing! they played for around 50 minutes. unfortunately the setlist was rather predictable, redneck and blacklabel at the end, dead seeds, set to fail, the passing off wrath, now you've got something to die for and laid to rest off ashes.... and they played ruin from ...palaces. But for the first time i was in the moshpits the entire set so it flew by!