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  • hit the wall

    such a great fucking song. if thats what the next album will sound like then i cant wait!! its getting closer to the release of the new album. HEIL SATAN
  • my new song i wrote by myself

    yes i wrote this by myself, i mean i let my dad read over it but he didnt help me watch the flames rise on this fire set ablaze, this worn out empire a country with no pride ran into the ground better watch out, get to cover as the sirens sound ---------------(chores)---------------------------- we are in this because of your actions everything has good and bad reactions is it intentional, do you have a brain? do you like causeing this country pain? its time to give you whats comeing we will cut off your legs to prevent running!
  • new day

    ahh its a new daya and saterday i almost got my dick wet... key word is almost! it would have been awsome! well i got to play the drumms yesterday and i was rusty as fuck! but when i got warmed up it sounded great. i had alot of fun playin to deathklok and LAMB OF FUCKING GOD!!! its gonna be the same way today after school and tomarow and pretty much all fucking week. HEIL SATAN